credit card bill

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: HSBC

Dear Sir / Madam
i have been given a credit card by HSBC bank and was not informed any types of charges and the card was totally free of cost for any annual kind of fees, i have never used this credit card but i have been receiving the statement every month and the “to pay amount” has increased to a very hefty sum.

I dont understand howcome the amount is due to me whereas i even not swiped the card once.

I have sent a mail to HSBC and they are telling me that they have issued a lifestyle policy and against that they are charging every month and the total outstanding of INR 27232.61, however i was not informed for any kind of policy and even i have never received any.
This is totally cheating from the bank, please kindly solve this matter and get my account clear from HSBC since my accunt is not clear from online and i am not entitled for any loan.

thanks regards

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