Credit card

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Standard Chartered Bank

I have offered a new Credit Crad for Standard Chartered Bank with min 3,000,00 /- credit limit and one Reebok shoes.
and i accepted the offer, I received the Credit Card but credit limit is only 25,000/- and no Reebok shoes.
I talked to the employee(Mr. Rahul Agrawal) who has offered me, he is not responding my any call. daily I am calling him 10-11 times but no response.
My issue is that if Bank can not provide the offer which he promised while selling the credit card, why they are promising for such thing.

this issue i faced 2nd time, previously also i accepted offer form LIC of India.

why this type of all service provider offering false thing.

this should be stop.

below are some information of contact person of St. Chartered Bank.
Name: Mr. Rahul Agrawal.
contact no. +919990744113.

my name: Murlidhar Dewangan.
contact No. +918130122255.

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