cox and kings, Europe Dhamaka tour- 17th May – pathetic services

Location/place: Ahmedabad / Gujarat

Name of company/service: Cox and Kings

pls find below complaint mailed to cox and kings contact us id but till date didn’t get any response.
mail :Need explanation and immediate action against the complaint below.
Me and my family travelled on 17th May Europe dhamaka tour and faced lots of issues.

We would like to submit our serious concerns to you and your company to revert back as we are completely dissatisfied with the trip and its services and we think that we are being cheated and wasted our valuable 20 days. it was a mental harassment for us.

1. When we finalized the dates it was told that we would be getting the complete information but till last moment we did not get the list of hotels and after asking repeatedly to you, you said this is from sales point of view and he gave it to us only before 24 hrs of our departure.
2. Also you changed our departure from Delhi instead of Ahmedabad at last moment and till previous evening we were not aware about the timing of our flight and did not get the tickets in our hands. We all were getting panic and were about to cancel the trip as we were travelling with 3 kids. This resulted in to additional travel hours of 14 hrs, which was beginning of our dissatisfaction with cox and kings.
3. You sent us via Delhi and we landed in the morning to Heathrow airport. There was no breakfast and lunch arranged at London. Also we had to wait till 3 pm for room check in. our kids were cranky due to long journey and we could not make them sleep. Is this the way you handle guest with kids? Our kids got frustrated.
4. As we got the list of hotel last moment we could not even check the address or location of the hotels. If we would have known that all the hotels are far from the city (3-4 hrs to reach hotel and that is also just to sleep) we would have cancelled our trip. And now we can relate what was the sales point of view of yours when you did not share the list till last moment and hence we fell that we are being CHEATED by you. All the hotels were in isolated places that there was no amenities and basic general facilities.
5. As all the hotels were far our most of the time was consumed in travelling to the hotel instead of sightseeing. We must have spent 80% of our time in just travelling to and fro to hotel and which reduced our time for sightseeing of the main itinerary. Our purpose of Europe tour and sightseeing is not fulfilled and hence we need you to take appropriate action.
6. In Austria we got only 20 mins for sightseeing where to reach there we travelled 8 hrs.
7. In Germany we got only 30 mins where we travelled for 12 -14 hrs. also at Germany we checked in at 11 pm night and got food at 1 pm. We all were tired and hungry, kids were cranky and that day we all got so frustrated that we complaint to your senior authorities in Mumbai office – Mr.Tushar Sakaria and after his assurance only we continued our journey further.
8. Cox & kings being a experienced company in planning trips might have full knowledge of Europe, distances from hotel to sights and the time required to spend on any sightseeing. Than why it was such a pathetic planning that we could not spent time on sightseeing and have wasted our valuable 20 days with you where it was the first experience for all the guests.
9. We were told that there will be 40 -42 guests with us but there were 53 members with us and due to which created the luggage storage problem in coach and many of us had to keep the luggage in the coach resulting in to less space for movement. It was cluttered and only due to the no of passenger was high.
10. 53 no of passengers was high and due to which the food quantity used to be less and many of the people used to left hungry. Every day it was an issue of no availability of food items for the people standing in the last in queue.
11. TOUR LEADER – Hardeepsing Parmar was PATHETIC. He was not having any knowledge of any sightseeing and whenever we used to ask about any monument on our way he used to ask the coach and tell us or he used to clearly deny that he is unaware about it. he was not having the knowledge of itinerary, he took it from one of us and followed it later after we complaint about him.
12. Tour leader was not at all skilled and his time management was pathetic. He never used to have any information about the time for sightseeing, hotel name distances and restaurants distances also.
13. In first 2 days we could make out that tour manager was un experience and he was good for nothing. When we complaint about him for time management he blamed all of us for being late and lied to Mumbai office in front of 52 guests. We all 53 guests used to be time and never got late for any check out, sightseeing assembling back and even for lunch and dinner.
14. Coach driver was non cooperative, used to rash driving and wasted lots of time in taking breaks as per his convenience and petrol fills in NICE especially when he could not close the LID of petrol tank and one of us could close it in a minute.
15. Coach’s AC was not working properly and driver used to switch it off on his own and only after repeat request he used to switch it on. He was doing it purposely and misbehaved with some of the passengers on the AC issue.
16. Coach driver was very rude with us for luggage and used to create problem for keeping the luggage in the Coach. In Hotel Olympia which is on steep slope he asked us to take our heavy luggage on our own where as other tour operators coach was going till the Hotel door step. It was heavily raining also. Coach driver stepped down the coach and was not ready to take the coach up. it took 1 hrs to convince him to take the coach till the hotel. In this case tour leader Mr.Parmar was not at all cooperative and he did not even tried to convince driver. It was passengers who convince him. Was it our duty?
17. In Venice when we assembled after sightseeing we waited for more than 1:30 hrs for boat to take us back to coach. Where this kind of delay should be avoided by tour manager which actually affect all other plans for the day and leads to dissatisfaction of travelers.
18. In Hotel there were serious service issues: we both were having 3 kids with us and needed extra towel and pillow but we never got it in any hotel and staff used to refuse by saying that they do not have the extra pillow or towel. Who will believe that but we have experienced it.
19. In Hotel AC was not working and after complaining to staff we got the answer to open the windows and sleep. Even after repeat request we did not get another room or AC repaired and had to sleep keeping windows open in rainy weather where insects were coming in the room. Did we pay for this kind of hotels?
20. Food Problems: In all the hotels the breakfast was very limited and fruits were in less quantity, even after asking for fruits hotel staff used to deny for the same.
21. As our whole group was pure vegetarian and cox n kings commit that our requirements will be taken care of then also Jain people were served breakfast with all the non-veg items. And even after complaining to tour manager he could not resolve the issue.
22. Food quality was not up to the mark as it was spicy and oily and our kids used to be hungry and only used to eat Roti or Puri only. Some time not even the Roti as it used to be half cooked (kaccha).
23. In Indian restaurants time management of tour manager was pathetic as we all used to wait for 1 – 1:30 hrs to get the table and which used to lead in to the delay in further journey. Also our kids used to be hungry but never got the food even if the cox n kings another group is having food. It had lead to further frustration.
24. There was no proper crockery (even disposables) at various places. No spoon, No bowls and no serving spoons. It was completely messy. In kitchen caravan we used to take the Daal and Kadi in glasses as since beginning he did not have disposable bowls and plates were so small that there was no space for taking all the food at one go.
25. In kitchen Caravan staff was also very rude and as there used to be shortage of food he used to deny to take additional pakoda or puri for kids. And as the plates were so small ( size of quarter plate) that it was not possible to take everything at first serving only. Maharaj of caravan scolded one of our kid (who felt insulted and cried) and when we talked to him he back answered by saying that he is having material to cook for 40-45 people only and that is the reason there is shortage of food.
26. In Hotel Motimahal in Amsterdam owner of the restaurant took away the plate (snatched) when my wife was having her lunch with my kid. We all fought with the hotel owner where he apologies for his behavior. Is this the way you serve customer of cox n king???
27. In Hotel Bhojan in Paris our group was insulted by Ms KINJAL (group manager of another cox n king bonanza tour) in front of 100 people for food. She was rude and abused with one of our guest Mr.Prashant. she did not allow to take food till her group had eaten. Our kids were hungry and craving for food. Mumbai cox n king office knows about the incident and apologies for the same.
28. At Louvre Museum we all were left on our own by tour manager. As you know that it was an art museum and all the details were mentioned in the French language. We all wasted our time in just watching the painting but not the significant of the same. All other groups were having local guide to explain the importance of each and every monument and painting where as we were completely left alone. Will it call a visit even? Hope you were aware that we all are educated people and deserve to know the details of each and every sightseeing of Europe. But we were taken for granted…..
29. And the final Big high expected guff up was in GALA lunch at mount cox n king…. Where Roti was not sufficient for the first serving itself as the cheff said that Atta (flour for roti) is finished. There was no bread also to eat. Half of the team was left hungry as it was not possible to eat only Sabji and Daal. Also as it was mention that there will be bear on the house it was served after multiple request to the waitress and only one mug of bear. Heights of Flop show….

In the whole trip of 20 days with cox n king we all including our kids got so frustrated that we are forced to complaint to your senior authorities/seniors. Even after their assurance in mid of our journey services was never improved and we are forced to document our complaint and if we do not get any satisfactory response in next 2 days, we all will be forced to take our complaint to consumer forum as we have not got the services. :mail

kindly take it further for getting the campansation against the mental harassment and wastage of our 20 days. expect more than 100% campamsation.

vandana patel

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