country vacations Gift Voucher fraud

I am a defence employee. I was posted to Bagdogra (North Bengal) in year 2013. I received a call from a country club/vacations employee that there is a free gift voucher available for which I will have to attend a presentation. The presentations was on holidays/vacations through Country club ltd (INDIA). Though I understood that things were not all right but being from a defence background I could not understand that they were fraudsters. I was unwilling of any commitment so they asked there head of area (Mr Majid; his contact no. at that time: 9332010038) to convince me. He offered me that I can go on a trial vacations for 7 days if I just pay Rs 10000 (TEN THOUSAND). I gave him ten thousand rupees and in lieu he gave me a free vacations GIFT voucher (delivered after a week of meeting). Since then I have tried many times for booing for their properties for holidays online but the page did not approve of the voucher code.Now that online page has been removed and no longer shows in the Google search. I have approached there local office in Siliguri many times but to no respite. After that I was posted out of that place and have to move to Pune. I could not follow it up due to my central government service. Now I need help in this case and want my money back from this fraud company. Also this company should be banned from any further business dealings as many people have written about similar fraud with them on online portal including this one in past. Currently also these people are active and are similar fraud dealings with their clients. this Modus Operandi should be brought to legal notice.

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