Country Club Cheating ?

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Country Club

I was caughtup in a road show at Spencer Chennai by Mr.Vijay (cell 8056070395) Sales Manager and after repeated denial the Manager convinced me to Pay Rs.50,000 and in return he gave me a stamp paper documeent for enrollment in Country Vacations and Life time free Club membership. All is in Black and White. After the on spot payment, there was absolutely no comunication from them on confirming my membership.
After 3 months, I made tons of calls for many days to chennai office (044 30486626) and they always said they are having system issues and they will send the enrolment card and details soon…but nothing happend. Again after repeated call for few days, they finally said Pay Rs.10,000 more to proceed, that shocked me. Again after repeated calls to talk to someone in management, a manager Mr.Ranjith who already knew about my story and 100’s of calls I made finally asked me to come to office..i was not sure what is there to talk but still made it to their office. Ranjith said there is system limitation and I need to pay another Rs10,000 more to put me into system. This was just unbelivable, I managed to record the conversation as this whole thing sounded spooky to me. I said that Rs.50,000 is paid and shown the Stamp Paper agreement to give me Vacations and Membership. Ranjith insisted that I pay Rs10,000 more. I said it is not the money, it is the responsibility of company to honor the promise/agreement and unprofessional way of dragging and tramatizing a customer for months, and there is no way am going to pay a single penny. If your Sales Manager did not do it right then you need to work this out with him and not the Customer. Ranjith finally sounded like he agreed and he promised me to send me the membership in 20days time. Again after more than a month there is no comunication and Ranjith is always not availalble to take up my call. Finally after persistent calling, the recep said another person Mr.Amjith wanted me to come to office to talk again and refused to talk to me over phone or should I say he dont care. I am really pissed off at this point and am not going to let Country Club cheat me. I am a professional guy but got into this mess somehow. Well I am not going to give up and I trust Indian Law and Order works, I will surely take this to any heights and make sure to bring this Company or the people who are playing with me (or Peoples hard earned money) to Justice. At this point I have the black and white document and the recoreded calls with the Agent to move forward. If anyone have similar experiance, pls let me know.
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