Country Club Cheating

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Country Club

Dear Sir
During a purchase in Indian express mall in Big Bazaar we have been asked to fill a form for lucky draw. We filled the same. Later we got a call from Country Vacations and informed that we have selected through lucky draw for a gift and voucher. They informed that voucher contains 6 nights and 7 days stay free with their resorts in all over India for 4 peoples. Call came from Ms Nansi /Ms Mala/Mr Sivakumar from 044-39155373 and 044-39155359. She informed that I have to come with my family to collect the gift and gift voucher and also informed that there will be presentation on their company. After completion of presentation they said that we can collect the gifts. Accordingly we visited country vacations in T Nagar and they took around 1hr30min to tell all about their tour and travel packages and try to force us to take the membership which will cost Rs 30000 to 60000. We informed we need some time to decide and will inform accordingly. They told gift is getting ready and made us to wait for another 30 min. Later they gave a small gift and voucher. When I see the voucher it is mentioned I need to pay Rs 4000/- for stay. Later I checked with their website and they mentioned nowhere the facility of availing of 6 nights and 7 days stay. Later I called the mobile number give in the voucher and she said that she doesn’t know any details about the voucher and only at Thirupadhi I can avail 6 nights and 7 days stay. Later I called the country vacations and spoke to Mr Sivakumar and told the above details, he replied that don’t fill the vouchers / forms during any purchase.
I would like to inform that all the big shops which are in City locations should not entertain the form filling business within their premises. Also I will suggest public should not fill these kind of lucky draw forms in future. I will also never fill any kind of these forms in my future.

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