coppany demanding more and more rupees

Location/place: Jammu

Name of company/service:

I have brought a service called Resume Zipper from the Job Portal My Order Id No. Is MZ720738 on 16th of May 2012. Whose Price was Rs.2199 They had told me that it is for life time and I need not to pay any amount farther but after paying they told me that i have to fill another fourm costing rupees 2750. i have payed that also under order no. JM720775. Ater payint that amount they told me that i have to pay more rupees to verify my documents otherwise companies will reject my resume. so i payed rupees 1749 under order no. VS721665 on 17th May 2012. After that they again contacted me and told me to pay rupees 4000. Iam very much disappointed with their way because they are demanding more an more rupees every time i have already payed them total of Rs. 6698. i want my money back as they looted me and also this is affecting me mentally.

Manik Sawhney
Jammu (J&K)

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