Cooling problem existing since Jan 2012 in LG double door refrigerator

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: LG Electronics

I am facing cooling problem in my LG refrigerator since Jan ’12. It has been diagnosed 10 times till now. 4 parts have been replaced as yet and 2 times gas has been refilled, but I am still facing the same problem. Seems like the technical team of LGE is full of amatures.

They gave me Customer Relationship officer’s & Area Service Manager’s contact number to escalate the issue, but both the numbers are always busy. So never got a chance to speak to them.

Everytime they send some new engineer but no one has been able to understand the problem in 6 months. This has become a real pain now

I have also sent a complaint letter to the company head on july 04, but haven’t received any reply.

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