Continuous harassment by TaTa Docomo Authorities

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: TATA DOCOMO


my name is bikash kundu, hirakud, odisha. I applied for a postpaid tata docomo sim number 9040071161 on 4th january 2012, from my local vendor mr. Dilip dash (subadra teleservices, sambalpur). Though the sim was bought on the first week of january, it was activated quite late towards the end of the month due to company’s inefficiency. I paid new postpaid connection entry cost for rs 300. The vendor told that the postpaid connection entry amount would be adjusted as a bill discount in the next month. Moreover, we DID not receive any bill from tata docomo. The tata docomo (sim number 9040071161) connection was taken only for browsing internet in roaming since we have bsnl broadband connection at residence. In the month of february, the tata docomo sim was not used since we were on-station. Moreover, we DID not receive any bill from the tata docomo authorities. Later in the first week of march, we went to chennai where we availed the internet facility using tata docomo sim. We didn’t receive any bill towards the end of the month. As a proactive customer, we contacted our vendor and he told us that the usage amount was rs.281. On 1st april, 2012, we paid the amount through net-banking (we have the e-payment receipt too!).

In the month of april, I went to my hometown in durgapur, where the tata docomo connection failed totally. We contacted the vendor and tata docomo technical call center team multiple times to resolve the problem. The tata team closed the case stating that tata docomo cannot work in durgapur. Hence, I immediately requested the vendor and the technical team to disconnect my connection. I was assured that my connection was closed and since, I didn’t avail any internet facility in april using the tata docomo sim, I have no obligation to pay anything. Now, after almost 7 months, the company’s employees claimed to be based in delhi calls occasionally and threaten stating that they would file against me for non-payment of pending bills over rs 3000 for the period may- april 2012. However, in reality, there was no connectivity at all. On 10 november, an individual claiming to be an inspector from delhi (called from number 8800923723) has made another threatening call.

Now, why an innocent person like me is being harassed by a reputed organization like tata without any reason. Is it my fault, that I took a connection from tata. Moreover, I was cheated by the tata authorities who promised me that my connection would be there in my hometown, durgapur, where in actual it never happened. In case, I had to spend more money to get another connection for availing internet from different service providers. Is tata going to compensate for all these unnecessary harassment and threatening calls?

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