Continous harrasement and Unexpected termination of my connection.

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo Photon Plus Internet

This is my 2 time i am lodging my complaint again as my first complaint still not resolved.


I purchased a TATA Docomo photon plus USB Dongle cum internet device(5GB unlimited, corporate plan) at cost of Rs.999.00 on 29th May 2012. I was promised to get hassle free service from the time of activation of my device and activation within 2-3 days of purchasing. I got it the next day and with activation. And to my dissapointment soon after the activation of my device, next day only the connection was terminated, i called up the sales person number of times(around 40-50 calls) to look into this and after 4 days i came to know that it was some docs problem. So those 4 days i suffered calling everybody sales executive. Due to my repetitive request finally it was resolved and my connestion is restarted on 7th of June 12. Now again it was terminated on 14th June without any reason. I again called up custmor care person and told him about this, he asked for some information which i SMSed to him. But till today 15th June 12 i didnt get any update. Now people dont pick up the call and put it on hold. I am seriously very disappointed.

On saturday 16th june 12, i called up your person “Ganesh”, after my repetetive request that person agreed to come to my room. After checking device and all, he contacted to some of his person and shocked me by saying that your tata docomo number is 9225631351 NOT 9225832907(which was printed on the device at the time of purchasing). Disappointment over disappointment.

Tata Docomo Number : 9225631351/9225832907
Contact Number : 8888816940
[email protected]

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