Continous harrasement and unexpected termination of my connection.

Location/place: Kolkta

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo Photon Plus Internet

This is against the TATA Teleservices department Kolkata. My complaint is explained below as follows.
I purchased a TATA Docomo photon plus USB Dongle cum internet device for domestic purpose. I was promised to get hassle free service from the time of activation of my device. The device was bought from authorised Tata Docomo Dealer(Lake Town Branch)bearing Invoice No. I2012-13/3100-1112-00014 at cost of Rs.1199.00 . But to my dissapointment soon after the activation of my device the connection was terminated, reason being stated as per customer care executive was Negative Verifacation of my address proof. I agreed to them politely and re submitted my docs as per their request. Again the connection was activated for some unconsiderable time and again it was terminated being reasoned the same.
As per the law known to the consumer, the connection could not be activated unless and until the documents are verified. But the fore said company provided me(as well as all other customers like me)with a pre activated device. My question is, Is this kind of attitude legal?? Moreover finally after being harrased a lot getting many dates for final activation of my device, I talked to the head customer care representative, who directed me towards the Ultadanga Customer Care Hub promising me to my problem being resolved as i wanted a refund of my device, atleast half of the paid amount as well as permanent disconnection.
I therefore went to the said store and talked to one of the representatives, named, Mr.Vipin Singh(Store-In-charge)who clearly said me that they cannot do anything regarding the refund but can just activate my connection as per my request. But all over the matter I am stuck at the question that how can a tele communication company activate a connection as per their own wills and then giving the reason to customers as “verification”.
I left my device alongwith a copy of my Invoice atthe Ultadanga Hub.(VSNL Building).
I want the consumer forum group to look into this matter very seriously and fetch results which will do me justice as well as help many other suffering customers like me. This matter is of serious concern as this company is providing internet connection without verification of docs and loyal customers who give original and valid docs are being harrased again and again.
Looking forward for your valued cooperation and oblife.
Lata Devi Deora
M/O Anuj deora

Residing at : 41/A Tara Chand Dutta street. Kolkata-700073.
Contact No. – 9163495254

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