WRITE A COMPLAINT is fake and dont work properly

if you people are is a privately owned online forum where consumer can voice their complaints and grievances against products bought or services rendered. The website DOES NOT represent any government or judicial body, nor are we affiliated with any part of the government.
Then why you permit people to write against any of the company or organisation without knowing the fact or without contacting the respectable company. There are reality behind every complaint which you cannot declare the organisation is wrong or have cheated anyone. I am MD of NIIMTES….can you clarify how many of complainer are genuine or how many times you contacted us to know the truth. How many times you people called us to resolve their complaints, how many times you contacted back to the complainers whether the have got the resolution of their dispute of not. Please do contact me with the list of the complainer have not resolve their complaints or how many of them are genuine. This is my message to you to contact you asap or i will lodge cyber complaint against you.
Due to your unauthorized consumer forum site my institution and organisation image is getting hamper day by day. I will sue in your court. If my domain complaints will not rectify

Karan Singh
Managing Director

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