Construction of Airtel Tower at false place/location

&lt;p&gt;&lt;b&gt;Location/place&lt;/b&gt;: vill.Gautampur Diyun&lt;/p&gt;<p><b>Name of company/service</b>: Airtel Tower</p>Sir with reference to the subject as cited above I would like to draw your kind attention that as per reliable sources I came to know that the present tower which is running at Kamakhyapur village exactly sanction for Gautampur village but you all constructed at Kamakhyapur as it is our Gautampur property we have right to fight for it.So in this regard I don’t want to say to uproot it or shift it but claiming to avail me a job under it as soon as possible otherwise we shall be go for higher authority.thanks and hoping a positive reply. Contact [email protected] 8974220909

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