Connection Cancelled , yet getting the bill

Location/place: Visakhapatnam

Name of company/service: TATA Photon +


I used to use a TATA Photon + connection with the number 9246956123. I had given numerous complaints regarding the speed and then finally got the connection cancelled. I was on the Rs950/- unlimited plan and there was an offer of Rs100/- doscount for 18 months.
I had called up and requested for disconnection of service on grounds of poor service with reference number 313104629. Subsiquently I got a bill number 1254656041 for an amount of Rs817.33 .
As a shock, I again get a bill from TATA Photon with bill number 1269383061 for an amount of Rs. 345/- . Again when I call up the customer care, they inform me that te account is still active and first they tell me that the dues are Rs.2463/- and then they apologize and say that the current dues are Rs.345/-. I again gave them the entire story and informed them that the account is already closed, but neither they accept it nor apologize for it.
I want to take legal action against them, can you suggest me how should I go aout it.
Rabindra Kishore Todi

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