Location/place: Jagadhri

Name of company/service: Blue Star AC

On 15-05-2011 i purchased a BLUE STAR window A.C. And on 15-05-2013 this A.C stop working and for the same i call to the BLUE STAR customer care number which is 1800 2091177 & they told me that our BLUE STAR agent will come to your house shortly & solve your problem within 48 hours. When agent come he told me that yours A.C compressor is defective and it has 5 years guarantee and they took our A.C with them. I again call to BLUESTAR customer care to know the status of my A.C they told me that we will repair your A.C. as soon as possible. I call to many persons in BLUE STAR so that my A.C can be repair in short time. But the employees of BLUE STAR are deaf and dumb such as Balvinder +91-9815467857, Gurjant +91-9416923134, Viney +91-8146273053, Anu +91-7206668829. They take 28 days to repair our A.C. After 28 days today i.e. on 12-06-2013 after waiting from long time the agent came to our industry to fit our A.C. Back to our office. We don’t know either our A.C was in working condition or not, that agent asked me to pay the amount which is 2300/-. I said to him that firstly fit our A.C then we will talk about the charges. I denied to pay the charges because the reason behind this is they takes a lot of time to repair our A.C (28 Days). The reason is that whenever our clients come to our industry they told us to start the A.C and in return we feel ashamed that our A.C had not been repaired by BLUE STAR from last 28 days. As I already told to BLUESTAR that this A.C is defective because it creates many problems again and again such as cooling problem, gas problem, compressor problem and many more. Before placing our A.C to their place that agent releases our A.C’s gas as well as also cut the wiring of our A.C. and also tried to do more damaged on my A.C but I stopped him to do so but still he was doing the same. We also don’t know either our A.C was in working condition or not. I know why BLUESTAR did this to me. The reason is clear, this A.C was defective and was not repaired by them completely from last 28 days, and they take the advantage of this. I never imagined BLUESTAR India will provide such kind of worst service experience. I will never recommend any of my colleagues, friends, relatives & anybody to even think of purchasing a single product of Bluestar as its after sales service is extremely poor.
Satbir Singh
M: +91-9896081811
E-Mail: [email protected]

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