Complete Fraud.

My name is Sanya Bimal and I am a direct dependent of a Club Mahindra purple ( highest class) member. This complaint is about the complete scam and fraud that is Club Mahindra. It is absolutely impossible to make a booking with these people. They scammed us into paying them so much money, and then they give out the rooms of their properties to non-mebers on priority. I am trying to make a simple booking for their Pondicherry property. The app shows that my dates are available with them but neither would it allow me to make the booking and not are the customer care people responsive. They don’t return calls, they promise to get back in a day or two and vanish for weeks. I am unable to book my flight tickets. My best guess is that this is their way of dissuading members from using up their membership days. This is absolutely ridiculous and they deserve to be taken to consumer courts. As a prospective lawyer, this is an action I’m going to take.

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  1. 4 months ago

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