Complete for misbehave and manhandling by CSD employee

Sir,iam a ex servicemen from IAF and also a Sr citizen. On 27.4.2019 I went to sec ,21 Noida CSD canteen for procurement of grocery item at about 1450 hr.
At about 1515 hr CSD employee has open the main gate for the customer those were waiting for the entry .any how I have collect the needful grossary item and standing on the line for my turn , in between some employee from canteen has come and started to taking back of our collecting items which we have collect for final billing. When I object why he doing so, he has given the reply very rudely and stared shouting , request him very politely, kindly allow us as we are waiting since morning, but he has not lisin any thing. And start shouting that my name is J Singh I never lisin anyone what ever you want to do it, I told that still half an hour’s left for closing the canteen. But he statway refuse then I said ok I will go canteen manager for this but in between he started shouting on me ,and misbehave so rudely and badly with a ex man and a St citizen, then he cought my colour and stared to using abusing language, then he snatched my I card from my pockets and runaway. Sir then with the help of other customer we have enter the manager room and complaint against that employee ,
Sir kindly do something for this regards,and now iam expecting an appropriate action taken from your is my humble request to you take strick displinary action soon as possible, so that he doesn’t dare to repeat this inhumble prectice with any one in the future.
VS Negi
Service no 621665

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