Complaint Regarding DSC Jaipur Literature Festival Registration – Delegate Fees.

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Name of company/service: Complaint Regarding DSC Jaipur Literature Festival Registration – Delegate Fees.

Dear Sir
My Complaint is Regarding Fees Charged by DSC Jaipur Literature Festival organizers for Registration of paid Delegate – Fees for Same is mentioned is Rs2500, This Delegate pass Can be Purchased from their website, for Same the total payable amount comes out as Rs2979.50 with this break up:
Total Amount:
INR 2500.00
Service, Bank Charges and Taxes:
INR 479.5
Good Deed Amount:
INR 0.00
INR 0.00
Total Amount Payable:
INR 2979.50

But if some one is buying pass from the venue by paying Cash they are Charging the same amount Rs.2979.50, My Grievance is Regarding Bank Charges which they are Levying on Cash Transaction , Can such a charge can be levied by any merchant or a service provider on Cash Payment. As per my knowledge Bank Charges are levied on Online Payment Transaction not on Cash Payment Transactions.
Apart from this i Raised my doubt @ the venue with the person who is collecting Cash-Front Desk Assistant – He was not able to give me a satisfied response he Said if you want to buy the pass same is applicable on Cash Transactions.Than i Asked him Can he provide me Cash Receipt for the Transaction & the amount i payed , he said they are providing only pass not any transaction invoice for Payment.

I had purchased Two Delegate Passes : Sandeep Kapoor, Mahaveer Choudhary for Date 24/01/2013 i was eager to attend the festival & sessions without wasting time , But i was not Satisfied with the Response Which was given tome Regarding my Two concerns .
1. Bank Charges- On cash Payment Transaction.
2. Receipt For The monetary Transaction.

Might be it can be a ignorance at my part that bank charges can be taken by any merchant for Cash Transactions, & But providing Cash Receipt is Statutory Norm : I also sleeked that but they didn’t provided.

I hope i am clear & sound in my communication regarding my Grievance

Details Of Merchant :
Looking Forward for your Justified Response & addressing my Concern.

Sandeep Kapoor
S1 SFS Shopping Centre
Above Mafix bakery
Agarwal Farm Jaipur.

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