Complaint Against Fraud Dealer

I would like to give a complaint to a company who had done a fraud with me. the company name is:
Medoxya Inc.
B-730/C, Mahanagar

The concern person name is Mr Deepak Kachru . His email id is [email protected] his phone no is:09598186199,09415019993
We had contacted this company for purchase of 2 Medical Equipments upon a Proforma Invoice issued by them dated 12.08.2014 for a value of Rs. 2,74,380.00 including VAT at 2%.
Having been satisfied with the Proforma Invoice, we issued a purchase order as dictated on the same day to them. As per the conditions of the purchase order, 50% of the amount has to be paid in advance and accordingly we has remitted a sum of Rs. 1,37,207.00 by NEFT transfer on 13.8.2014 to their account. As per the purchase order, they are supposed to deliver the equipments within 3 to 5 weeks from the date of purchase order, however the same has not been done by them.

We had contacted them several times requesting them to dispatch the items shown in the purchase order. However, for one or the other reasons they seeking for extension of time giving all sorts of excuses.

At a particular point of time, they also insisted us to make full payment as there are certain difficulties in getting the delivery of equipment from the manufacturer. Believing the same, we also paid a balance sum of Rs.1,37,207.00 through NEFT transfer on 30.09.2014.

In spite of complete payment, They did not deliver the equipments to us. Finally they agreed to refund the entire amount of Rs.2,74,380.00 with interest at 24% per annum and as part repayment they paid a sum of Rs.1,00,000.00 on 20.10.2014. The remaining amount of Rs. 1,74,380.00 is still due from them.They have sent several e-mails to us raising untenable contentions, although they had promised to pay the balance amount immediately.

So register my complaint for doing the fraud…plz solve my problem as soon as possible so that i can get my money .
Thanking you
Vijay AJ
Accurate Medical Service
Opp. Defence colony,
S.Muniraj Rd,Shettyhalli,

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