Complaint for my order no.- 2012-06-15-031595 for Bajaj Tower Cooler TC 2008 Roi dated 16/06/2012 made on

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Star CJ Network India Priavte Limited (

This is to file my complaint against Star CJ Network India Priavte Limited (, a online retail portal, regarding my order no.- 2012-06-15-031595 for Bajaj Tower Cooler TC 2008 Roi made on 16/06/2012.

I made the above order on 16/06/2012 through online payment made by me of Rs.4,540/-.

Free and safe shipping of product was promised to me as per their bussiness policy.

This product was delivered to me on 20/06/2012 through one of their franchisee network M/S MNM Trading Solutions Private Limited, Village- Sampka, Jamalpur, Pataudi Road, Gurgaon, Haryana-123503, in damaged condition, for which I immediately telephonically made a complaint regarding product to one of their customer care executive (Mr. Nikhil) who assured me that it will be exchanged with fresh new piece in next 4-5 working days.

However, they were unable to give any complaint number or send me a comfirmation mail regarding my complaint.

Regarding this I had written mail to response twice on 20/06/2012 and 21/06/2012, but I got no reply from their side.

A new piece of cooler was delivered to me on 23/06/2012 around 13:00 pm, but again in damaged condition, regarding which I made a compalint to their customer service executive on phone (phone no.-01144074407 to Miss Neelam at 14:26 pm and 18605001860 to Miss Kavita at 14:43 pm on 23/06/2012, emploee id not provided despite repeated request). Unfortunately neither of them were able address my greivances in satisfactory manner nor they let me talk to their seniors regarding my complaint for the product/service.

They even failed to generate a complaint number despite my repeated request and send me a confirmation mail regarding my complaint in subject matter.

They told me that they are unable to urgently take action regarding my complaint in case of my order no.- 2012-06-15-031595 (Bajaj Tower Cooler TC 2008 Roi) and showed their unwillingness to make a immedaite exchange of delivered damaged peice with fresh new one.

As they fail to exchange this damaged product with fresh new one, then I would like to file a case agaist Star CJ Network India Priavte Limited (

They should make a full refund of money I paid for this, as I can not have this damaged piece at my home. Secondly due to delay in service from their side, I am not going to use this cooler in winter which is meant to be used in summer.

They are causing me a lot of physical and mental stress as well loss of finance.

So, I request you to do needful in subject matter as soon as possible.

I will be waiting for confirmation mail from your side.


Dr. Manish Mittal
27/6, First Floor, Pant Nagar,
Jungpura Extension, New Delhi-11014
Mobile: 91-9717721897
Email- [email protected]

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