Complaint against vodafone

Location/place: ferozepur

Name of company/service: vodafone punjab


I,Arun Sharma, a resident of Ferozepur, Punjab have been facing
constant problems with UNBILLED AMOUNT (mobile no. 9463400005) from
this billing cycle 1st December 2012 .

Firstly, On 1st December 2012, I made a request to customer care by
dialing 111 for the migrating Vodafone blackberry services plan 129 to
plan 299, Request number 2294523234. After making request I received a
confirmation message from Vodafone i.e.(Blackberry services have been
successfully activated on your number). I started configuring mails on
my blackberry phone as I was thinking that company activated BBM299
Plan on my number.

Then on 6th December 2012, I was shocked to see my unbilled amount on
my number is 6471 Rupees. Then I made a call to Vodafone customer care
executive but I didn’t get any appropriative answer, first executive
told me that BBM229 plan isn’t activated on my number then he told
that service has been de-activated by our company or the company has
started the Vodafone Mobile Connect/Live Service. But I haven’t made
any request to start Vodafone Connect Service. He also told me that my
credit limit has exceeded due to the data usage which added on to my
UNBILLED amount. Hence I was charged unnecessarily.

On 7th December 2012 I received a call from the company customer care
executive saying that my complaint has been forwarded. But She blocked
my customer care assistance call number.

Then I made a call to Nodal officer Mr. Vikram Singh Bains .He told me
that I cant commit you the waiver but also told me to contact with the
corporate dealer or the corporate care.

In the mean time I turned off my data services. So that I won’t be
charged for it. On enquiring my corporate dealer M/s Friends Sales
Corporation, I was told to forward a mail on there id i.e.
[email protected] and told me not to worry about it, and
they will forward my mail to concern seniors. Then I forwarded mail to
Corporate Dealer, Nodal Officer and Appellate authority.

After Few Hours Nodal officer reverted me back (you have been
correctly charged for the VMC as same has been levied basis to your
usage. Hence no reversal for the same is applicable on your account.
The docket number for your future reference is 369604192).

Thereafter I had to again leave my all important work to rectify the
error at the Vodafone store at Jalandhar in which I wasn’t given a
clear explanation for the charges but rather told that the complaint
has been forwarded to the respective departments. I probably thought
that this would be the last problem and all the errors would be

But, rather than getting a rectification they blocked my customer care
assistance call on both 111 or 198.
I was shocked and appealed at the attitude of the concerned customer
care representative’s attitude of blankly refusing my request and
asked me to just visit the Vodafone store to see if anything can be

After repeated and continuous complaints to Vodafone store at
Jalandhar, my outgoing remained active.

But now I have lost all faith in Vodafone and I request you to waive
those amount, as my service was first activated but laterally
de-activated without informing. Also I need Immediate and urgent
rectification of Billing errors, so that I do not have to pay for the
charges that are wrongfully levied on me. And furthermore, I do not
want Vodafone to harass me. I want the matter to be sorted as soon as
possible, because once the bill is created it will add to further

I sincerely hope that this complaint don’t fall on deaf ears so that
me can live in peace!

Arun Sharma

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