Complaint against the CSD canteen employee.

Location/place: Kurukshetra

Name of company/service: CSD Canteen Pipli,Kurukshetra (Haryana)

Respected Sir/Madam,
Iam Warrant Officer Hanif Mohammad from Air force station ambala I would like to complain against the person sitting on the entry gate of Pipli CSD Canteen in kurukshetra District of haryana behaves so rudely and badly with the defence personnel coming in this canteen. He also behaved rudely with me when I went to this canteen on 20th april 2013.Please do something in this regard. And now Iam expecting an appropriate action him from your side sir.Please It’s my humble request to you to take strict displinary action against him as soon as possible so that he does not dare to repeat this Inhumable practice with anyone in the future.

Warrant Officer Hanif Mohammad (Indian Air Force)
Ph no: 9729871954

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