Complaint against the authorized service centre hyderabad

Location/place: hyderabad

Name of company/service: Sri sai communications (HTC authorized service centre), (Owner)Devendar, shop no:26,1-7-301,Hardy complex,Opp: chermas, M.G. Road, Secunderabad – 500003. Phone: 040-32436463, Cell: 09395523339.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Complaint against the authorized service centre Hyderabad

I am Gopi krishna k.a, has given my HTC(wildfire) hand set at

sri sai communications,(Owner) Devendar,
Shop no: 26, 1-7-301,
Hardy complex,Opp: chermas,
M.G. Road, Secunderabad – 500003.
Phone: 040-32436463, Cell: 09395523339.

On 21-07-2012 with (power On and automatic switch off) problem at this shop which he claims that he is the authorized service centre of HTC at Hyderabad. And they have collected Rs: 300/- from me in spite of the warranty period is there for my mobile which i told clearly and presented the bill.

I am very much sure that the warranty expires on 21-09-2012. They told me that they are going to send it to Chennai, because they do not have the authorization to open up the warranty period mobiles at Hyderabad, and collected Rs: 300/- for courier charges which is not a rule. My mobile is in warranty period up to 24/08/2012.

Last Friday 03/08/2012 they call me to my mobile from the Land line number- 040-65895994 at 2.18pm, and informed me that i have got a replacement of New device from HTC company, and said to collect from sri sai communications, secunderabad.

When i reached their shop on 3-08-2012, at 10.30 am, they made me to wait 5 hours. After that they came with the old piece which is some damaged body and told me that take this and go. When i asked for the new piece which HTC has sent for me they said they haven’t informed me about the new piece.

When I called toll free number of HTC to confirm from your toll free number 18002663566 at 11.58am and asked about the service, the person Named Narsimhan, collected my IMEI number and claimed that he is responding from Mumbai and told me clearly that they haven’t received my mobile for service anywhere.

Then he asked me to give to the service point person i have given to him he has gone inside and may be bribed to Narsimhan, immediately Narsimhan within 5 minutes he has changed the version and told me the service point person whatever he says you have to listen.

The sri sai communication fellow wasted my half day and made me to wait there at shop, and finally he hasn’t given me the new piece. I left the same at his shop and came out with the receipt. When told them that I am going to put a case in Consumer forum, they threatened me and with unparliamentary words they told go to hell what consumer forum will do with us, go and do whatever you want with consumer forum.

I request you to please do the needful, If you really take care of the common man like me. Hope you do the same.


Gopi krishna k.a
Hyderabad. A.P

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