Location/place: JAMMU

Name of company/service: REDBUS

Sir i want to register a complaint regarding my bus travel(REDBUS.IN).I booked a ticket with redbus for 25th july(Delhi to Jammu) for volvo AC Sleeper for which i was charged Rs1250.On the date of journey the bus operator called me and asked that due to less number of commuters the bus will not leave and asked me to go in sitting bus.I protested for this as i had paid for volvo ac sleeper.I repeatedly called redbus and bus operator.As a result bus operator asked me that he had arranged my journey in some other travel.Due to his callous attitude I was roaming for 4 hours in search of bus. I called dozens of numbers given by the operator and customer care.Finally after 4 hours i reached the venue which was a different place(somewhere near kashmiri gate). my bus was scheduled to leave at 6:15 but it came to the venue at 9:00pm.When i saw the condition of the bus,i was shocked.The ac was not working,there was a leakage and the coolant was pouring over the seats. I contacted customer care executives about 6 times to cancel my trip and told them that i will board another bus but they said that they cannot cancel the ticket.
At last i had to board the bus.When i confirmed from other passengers,the ticket cost of the bus i was travelling was Rs700 for which i had paid Rs 1250.Sir please do required action for the same.
Dheeraj pandita
ticket no:TE8P32537323
Phone number:9419249917

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