Complaint against recovery department of Airtel

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Airtel

Today I came across one of the worst experience. I have one airtel number which I did not use for last 3 months at all. Because of which somehow I for got to pay the bill. Today one friend of mine called and told me and said he received the call from same lady and said I have not paid my airtel bill so they have logged a complaint against me and they’ll send me to jail.
2-3 friends of mine also called and asked me if I have taken any loan. I said no. Upon asking the reason they told me that they got a call from the same lady who claimed to be an advocate said that I have taken a loan from their company which I have not paid off. So I need to be present in the court before 4 PM today other wise they’ll send me to jail.
I cleared my bill immediately and called that lady and asked er why did not they send me a letter or an email. She lied to me that they had sent one person to our office. But she did not apologies about the whole episode.
If I would not have called her back I don;’t know how many people she would have called to get my number and spread the rumors about me. IMO they should have done proper investigation. I am using airtel from more than 7 years and have always paid the bill on time. If this is the treatment their customers get then its of no use to use their service.

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