Complaint Against Poor Service of my Car Chevrolet Cruze

Location/place: Jaipur

Name of company/service: Chevrolet India Pvt. Ltd.

This is in reference regarding the repeated problems arising in my Cruze LTZ AT.

I was a proud owner of a Chevrolet Cruze LTZ AT , Reg. No: RJ 14 CM 7038. But the Zero Level, worthless after sales service provided by the company has certainly changed my thinking over the time. Every next day I need to rush to the Service Centre ( Triumph Motors, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan ,India) that is only 20kms from my home. One day I’ll get a problem in the Brake Caliper Set, the other day I’ll notice that the Reverse Braking System is making a Truck sort of noise, and then after paying huge amounts on service and all , not only after a week of the service of the car, the front brakes of the car are making a ‘squeaking’ noise. I certainly guess that people at Chevrolet are just for selling the car to the poor customer and leave him on his luck.

But luck is not favoring me here I guess, because the car has spent more time in the service center rather than my home garage.
Chevrolet has given me immense mental tensions and physical rush-ups and also wasted my valuable time. I look forward for strict actions against the company so as to protect other unlucky customers like me.

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