Complaint against NDPL (EAC)

Location/place: B-23C, 2nd floor Avantika Enclave, Rohini Sector-2, Delhi

Name of company/service: NDPL

I Geeta Devi, W/o Sh. Manishankar Mandal, R/o B-23C, Avantika Enclave, Rohini Sector-2, Rohini Delhi resides with family members at aforesaid address, the inspecting team of NDPL from enforcement Assessment Cell came to my home on 05/06/2012 in my absence and pasted a notice at my door with remarks that a suspected wire found near my meter, and the 2nd day an another person came to my home and noted all electricity load in my home, as per their opinion I consumed the electricity by illegal ways, but I have not used any illegal wire to use electricity from the meter, I requested them to check my electricity fitting(wires) and my meter, if there is any fault then a legal action would be taken against me, I resides on 2nd floor in building, and my electricity meter bearing no. 41228817, K. No. 42101187237, CA No. 60004848697 has installed on ground floor and what is happening on ground floor I don’t know, but they are not listening.
Therefore your goodself is requested to kindly take proper action against NDPL in this regard, I would be come if necessary in this matter.

(Geeta Devi)
W/o Sh. Manishankar
R/o B-23C, Avantika Enclave
2nd floor, Rohini Sector-2,
Contact No. 9212372916

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