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Location/place: Bangalore

I request all users to buy products from at their own risk as the phones are assembled phones send out to buyers without even doing a proper test.

Bought this pone (Blackberry 9630 with 3G – order no. 2595734) with loads of promises from Naaptol. Naaptol contact center promised me that this product would be in warrenty and could be repaired at any Blackberry service center in India. I was also promoised a free pouch with this phone. I received the phone – without any warrenty card, without any CD and without any pouch. This is not the end of my problems. The phone does not work. Just one way communication happens on the phone. I took the Blackberry service center in Bangalore but the center REFUSED to service the product (paid or free) as this is not a REDINGTON product. Only Redington Blackberry are eligible for authorized service in India – as majory of the service centers belong to them. Now I have this phone which can be used only with headphones and none of the sercvice centers are ready/able to repair it. I cant even sell it in the market since this is a refurbished phone and does not carry any gaurantees in India.

On calling the Naaptol call center, they refused to resend me the pouch and were not ready to comment on the non-availability of the warrenty card in the box. They tell me to send the phone back to them and they will repair and send it back. I am not ready to do this since I DO NOT TRUST Naaptol anymore. What is the gaurantee that I will get back my repaired phone? On asking this question to the call center she tells me “I cant gaurantee” – and they expect me to send the phone when they dont gaurantee that I would recevive a working phone agian ?

I assume that my 10K has gone down the drains. And I plan to destroy the phone and curse Naaptol.

At least I hope other users read this message and are aware of the probelems that exist with such phones from companies like

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