Complaint against Kingfisher

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Kingfisher Airlines

In the mishappeneing of my Father-in-lawas death my self , my wife and son were travelling by Kingfisher Airlines from Bangalore to Ranchi. It was ok till we reached Delhi, but there it delayed by more than 2 hours and eventully rather than going to Ranchi it dropped us at Lucknow stating that there is some technical problem and it iwll be resolved soon. But after that they told that the flight will not go further and they left us in that state without any help. Then we had to take the list flight (other airlines)from Lucknow to Patna, that too in Cash as they did not accept and card. And from Patna we had to take a taxi to Hazaribagh (a place near ranchi). By all this we lost a lot of money and mental harrasment. I want to be propely compensated by the Airline for the loss and mental harrasment which myself and my family went through is such a situation.

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