Complaint Against Jet Airways

Location/place: AHMEDABAD

Name of company/service: Asence Pharma Private Limited

I, Christina Sullivan Sarabhai, am a US national and married to Mr. Mohal Kartikeya Sarabhai, residing in Ahmedabad.

I write this letter with reference to my Flight No. 9W 2001 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad on 13th June 2012.

I flew directly on Air France from New York to Mumbai via Paris on AF0007 and AF0218 as per my Ticket No. 057 231 775 942 4.

I was flying with my infant son, Kavan Sarabhai , who was checked in with Ticket No. 057 232 100 033 9 along with me from New York to Mumbai on Air France connecting to Ahmedabad on Jet Airways.

Kavan Sarabhai is my 11 month old son travelling with me as per the above mentioned Ticket Number where the ticket clearly mentioned the full sector of Ahmedabad – Mumbai – Paris – New York – Paris – Mumbai – Ahmedabad for both me and my son Kavan.

When my son Kavan and I checked in at New York, we got four bags checked all the way to Ahmedabad although we new for custom purpose the bags will need to be removed in Mumbai.

After my long journey of over 20 hours when I checked in to Mumbai airport your staff informed me that my ticket for my infant son Kavan Sarabhai was somehow not valid as he was not in Jet Airways system according to your staff. She said I was mentioned but there was no mention of my INF son Kavan.

She made me purchase a new ticket valued at Rs. 1210 for my son. My argument that he has to be in the system just like me fell on deaf ears even when I mentioned that
he has to be in the system since I already have baggage check in all the way to Ahmedabad and the origin of the journey started in Ahmedabad itself and we had no issue at that stage.

Luggage tags are attached herewith for your reference which mention all the four bags checked all the way to Ahmedabad.

Being a parent travelling alone with an infant on such a long journey I had expected a much more courteous and smooth approach, instead your staff forced me to purchase a new ticket for my son as well as did not allow his bag ( which already had a Tag to Ahmedabad from New York) to be checked in without paying a FEE for the bag. She informed me either pay the fee ( which I did not want to agree with since it was obviously wrong ) OR Hand carry the bag into the flight. I was forced to Hand Carry this bag alongwith my infant son ( who cannot walk ) , one already hand carried bag from NY flight , PLUS the NEW bag which had “ a checked in to Ahmedabad “ Tag already !

I was aghast at this type of treatment by Jet Airways with no consideration for a lady travelling with an infant.

In the interest of coming home to Ahmedabad and catching the flight on time I was forced to accept purchasing the ticket and further Hand carrying my checked in baggage for the flight to Ahmedabad.

You can imagine while my journey from New York all the way to Mumbai was smooth, the journey from Mumbai to Ahmedabad included purchasing a new ticket as well as carrying an extra bag with me along with my infant son who cannot walk and hence had to carry him in my arms. Highly in considerate and wrong type of treatment which is totally un-acceptable.

With this email I urge you to refund all the above incorrect charges ( Rs. 1210 ) to me along with some compensation for the wrongful treatment given to me by your Airways as per the case as detailed above.

Kindly take this matter seriously and revert.

With Regards,

Ms. Christina Sarabhai
Cell No. 9825006085

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