Complaint against Dish TV

Hi, we are customer of Dish TV HD since 3.5 yrs (registerd mobile number 9705814066), As per our previous payments, our package expires on 23rd may 2019. I paid amount of Rs.2647 on 18th May 2019. Even after payment, our TV screen showed due payment, called customer care number 18002583474 (CC) from 20th daily. First, the CC ppl said ignore, the payment will be updated. Then Suddenly on 23rd, my TV connection got cut and i am seeing 102 error since 23rd on the TV screen. Called CC many times, one person said there is a technical error, thy will send technician in 24 hrs, its been 48 hrs, no one showed up or called. Called CC 24th also, thy said same thing thy will send Technician and will be resolved in ANOTHER 24 HRS. Today (25th) again i called, thy said Another 24 hrs.
Please take Necessary Action and help me to solve this problem.
Kumar Raja

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