Complaint against deficient service by HDFC Bank

Location/place: Ghaziabad

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank

On 09th Aug, 2012, I deposited cheque # 270618 dated 08/08/2012 for Rs 1,000.00 i.e INR Onethousand only with HDFCBank’s Vaishali branch in Ghaziabad for onward deposit into my a/c# 02931140008466. I was verbally promised by

a)branch officials at the time of
deposition of the cheque and
b)HDFC Bank’s centralised Customer
Service Department (working with
phone# 011-61606161) on 10th Aug

that the cheque would be cleared by te bank into my a/c on Saturday, 11th Aug (today) since Friday, 10Aug i.e yesterday was a working day and local cheques are cleared on 3rd working day.

Just now, Customer Service Department confirmed tha yesterday was a bank holiday and my cheques would be ceared only later today or on Monday 13th August.

I have been badly misled by the bank and hence I found their service deficient. Their bad service towards cheque deposit is rampantly malfunctional. All cheques deposited by a/c-holders are credited by the (HDFC Bank) at 6pm whereas RBI’s guidelines require funds to be made available to a/c-holders by 1pm – this allows the bank to fraudulently play on crores of rupees worth (their a/c-holders’) funds for 5hours and earn hidden (interest) income every day through unbecoming means.

I request you to take this incident seriously and help me get an adequate compensation for all the mental torture that I faced due to their false assurances, misrepresentation of facts and bank-wide defective service.

I may be contacted as follows:

a)telephonically at my mobile phone#
9971006542 during day time (before

b)email address –
[email protected]

c)letter sent to my physical address

SRD4D, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram,

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