Complaint against Bharti Airtel Postpaid

Location/place: Durg

Name of company/service: Bharti Walmart

Sir, I was using Gprs of Rs 98/ month. Everything was going on good but at 22 Feb. 2012, i decided to discontinue airtel service. I request for it but they don’t do it & again i request for it at 21 April 2012 but they already sent me Bill of Rs 1321/- ,When i asked for it they told that Bill period is from 20 march to 19 April. I request for clarification that i am using Gprs service of Rs 98/- ,They replied me that after 20 march Gprs charges will be about 10 paisa/ kb. I told them that i got Gprs 98/- services then how does it possible, they replied that we have communicate same when you request for services. I told them that no, you didn’t & how can i accept for that much higher cost. They told me that they will check in recorded communication with you in your new mobile number but they don’t do that.
Then they discontinue my airtel postpaid completely. but they again sent bill in May of Rs 3206/- + previous balance 1326/- =4533/-
Now today they call me that you have to paid 4533/- today only or i am giving discount & today you paid Rs 3200/- & matter will close otherwise you have to go to court.
Sir my family is so scared.
My question is that why will i use 10 paisa/Kb when i already i am using Rs 98/- services .
I have massage for discontinue of services from AD-airtel MO.
Sir Please help me.

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