Complained Against ICICI Bank credit card & ICICI Lombard fraud policy

Location/place: Mulund

Name of company/service: ICICI BANK Creditcard & ICICI Lombard Health Policy

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am Sonali Pawar. I had opted ICICI Lombard health insurance policy for my parents and I’ve been already cancelled policy from last 4 to 5 years and I did not make a single claim till now.
I had taken policy through customer care of ICICI Lombard on ICICI Credit Card. I had pay 4 to 6 months EMI of Rs.1300/- per month. Then due to some my educational reasons I left my job. That’s why I cancelled my Health policy, but these bank people charging me Rs.1300/- per month EMI again & again in my credit card bill. Every time I called to costumer care of Lombard & ICICI Bank and explained all story…. around 100 times.
Also I meet the bank manager of ICICI bank Mulund (E) branch, they told me don’t worry this is a very small problem… we rectify it and solve your problem. but nothing has to be done. Unfortunately after some days I lost my credit card… I immediately block my card.
But still they sending me every month a bill of Rs.1300/- EMI & addition of amount some of Rs.8500/-. Every time I called & tell the same story to both of departments of ICICI Bank. Bank told me that is Lombard’s mistakes & Lombard’s saying that is banks mistakes.
I don’t understand what was going on. Then one lady from ICICI Bank call me and saying that you pay the sum of amount Rs.780/- your all problem will solved. while paying this amount you will get closing letter from us.
After some days one person came from ICICI bank to my home. I pay him Rs. 780/- & get a receipt from him. Still I’ve not yet receive the closing letter from bank.
Again after some days one person from ICICI bank called me and asking me Your outstanding amount is Rs.14,714/- Please pay minimum amount of Rs. 6,500/- to settlement your account and while paying this amount you will be getting the closing letter… the same condition as their previous call. How will I truss this people
Now a day Bank persons called me for payment…. and threatening & warning me that you go with settlement or you go legally. We will send you the court notice to fight this matter. I am so frustrated to these people, They talk very rudely on phone. They disturb me on my daily work.I don’t understand what to do now… but I am suffering this every day
I am requesting concern department of the forum to resolve my complain on priority do a favour for me….

Thanks & Regards
email id : [email protected]

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