Complain against TATA Photon

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: TATA Photon

Dear Concerned,

I would like to draw your attention regarding some unwanted circumstances that is not at all desirable from a company like TATA.
On December,2012, I took a TATA Photon connection that comes to me as an offer when I purchased a Lenovo laptop. The offer was of “Two months unlimited free usage”. When I accepted the offer, I was told that for first two months it would be free and from the third month I had to pay bills depending on my chosen scheme. But surprisingly on the third month when I called their Customer Care for choosing my rental plan, I was told that I could not change a plan within 90 days and as a result of your false information I had to pay Rs. 1050/- as rental charge. After paying the rental, I requested their Customer Care to disconnect my Photon connection. That time I started getting a number of phone calls from their customer care executives regarding various rental schemes. And once again depending on a wrong belief , I accepted another scheme that is a unlimited plan of Rs.500/- . But at the end of the month you send me a bill of Rs. 932/. When I asked the reason, I Came to know that it was not an unlimited plan and that was why I had to pay the excess amount.
That time again I requested their Customer Care for disconnecting my connection but the same thing repeated and in spite of taking necessary action their customer care executives started offering new schemes and one of the offer was that, if I continue with you, you will send my last bill on waiver and would switch me to my convenient scheme as the previous plan was a mistake on your part . I believed your words and expressed my desire to continue but surprisingly from 13th May,2012 you disconnected the access and did not even bother to inform me. Moreover, in spite of disconnecting the connection, at the end of the month they send me rental charges and instantly I started getting repeated phone calls from their Customer care executive, but this time not with any offer but with threats, slangs and unbelievable misbehavior. After those events, they send me legal letter stating that I’m intentionally defrauding them.
On acceptance of the letter I send an e-mail to TATA Photon describing the entire matter and request them to interfere into it so that I can get justice. On reply they send me a mail stating that they regret the inconvenience caused to me but in spite of taking any involvement they suggest me to pay the bill.
Moreover, on 20.11.2012 I got a call from Mr. Balbir Rana (Enquiry Officer, Delhi Court) stating that they are sending my case to court within half an hour and also ask me to pay the bill within that time to sort out the case outside the court . When I didn’t pay the bill, next day (21.11.2012) he call me again and start to threat me.
Kindly help me to get out of this awkward situation and let me know what should I do?
Monidipa Banerjee
Tata Docomo No- 09230046387.

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