complain against home construction contarctor

Location/place: dehradun

Name of company/service: home made by builder

Dear sir , i have a grievence against my builder as he made our house in 28/1/07 and made a contract on rs 20 stamp paper on which he gives all particulers which kind of material and wood and stone and finishing he is going to use but he didnt, even today 5 years passed windows and doors are demolished, roof is leaking , stone is of not good quality, plaster is reopend in wall , i mean to say it is in bad condition and we told him several times but he is not taking any action as we are from lower middle class and my father is retired from defence what money he get from service all is been given to him so pls kindly give us suggestion

builder name : mahipal singh rawat
address: mahipal cement sariya store near do nali nathua wala raipur

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