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dont listen to any good crap written about cobra/Appco group or any franchisee of support direct india pvt ltd..(mr.nikhil-CEO) and board of directors of cobra/appco group (Chris niorchos, Mike blane, tony fernendez and sai prakash) these people along with the owners of 81offices which is franchisee of support direct india with 81 owners in 81 offices in india make students fool in india and literally play with the careers..In pune franchisee of cobra is named Velocity and Tangent.. pUne is a hub for students who hold a degree of mba or engg.. these 81 groups in india recruit every body who comes for interview in there office even a 10th fail or 12 th fail and they also recruit Mba and engg along with them.. They tell we work for charity sector insurance and etc..
1) they give commitment they if you are selected you will be paid 12 to 15k/per month. which they dont give they pay you commision which is told in 7 days..
i.e in charity min donation is 1000rs, so for every 1000 collected you get 150-165
in insurance min policy starts 1750rs you get 230rs for a single [policy.
so average mba and engg guys end up in earning 7000 to 8000 in a month and the mode of payment is also something else the commision cheque comes every week.. and if you arent able to raise any funds or collect policy there no payment given to you. so people end is good if people leave early from this company.. because they are people here earning nothing and stay back for months wasting there parents money endleesly. there are example of such guys in every office in india.

2) These people tell about programs like B.D.M( which is commission based) and B.M (Salary based where un productive targets are said to the students.) here these owners wants every person to work for them for post of b.d.m not b.m.. theytell ourtraining is so effective thet you can become b.d.m in 5,6,8, months itself and you can earn 2 to 3 lacs every month..

3) and people end up in becoming b.d.m in 2 to 4 years of time..and the ratio of people into b.d.m is 0ut of 1000 only 1 gets into it.they make false relationship with people and motivate them by taking them to big parties restaurants, pubs disco, rallies every sunday night and make them fool..they only promote and give preference to those people who are rich from family, good looking, good personality. they tell it is performance based. believe me if you are handsome/pretty, good looking,rich you are sure to grow here.

4) why am against them because guys i was a part of this comapany, pune i worked there for 24 months.wasted my career as an engg and now and going to put a case because when you leave the company or take break they dont your hard earned salary/commision cheques.. these hardened money goes to the account of the particular owner and they lie to us that the donation cheque or policy is being bounced by the customer or they put the deals in somebody elses name.. also when people leave there company they speak bad about them telling that they are loosers in life, they lost a good oppurtunity or which company will make a owner. etc..please dont believe them. they also tell bad about jobs outside the market they tell 95% are working class and 5% are business class these 95% follows the rest 5% inn the world.. these are all bullshit dont believe..they have walkin 365 days in a year..

5) i am going to take severe actions against them..

Kindly people who are still in velocity , tangent , cossacks or any where with these groups in india read this please think about your parents,career the money which your parents spend on your development sacrificed there life in educating you..please for god sake respect them and come out of this spider web. people working in this company for more than 2 months comes to know everything about these companies and pleaase touch your heart and have you never asked money from youy family. plz dont lie to yourself. i touch my heart and tell i haved asked money from my family. now i have never asked from them.

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