Complain agaiest Servises

Location/place: noida

Name of company/service: reliance Communication

we have been using reliance for the last 3 years and in
the last 3 years there used to be network problem but that used to
resolve as well after sometime but since last month Network problem is
become such a big issue for me that i am not able to complete single
call properly ,even sometime i tried to contact them (customer care
executive) about the same and they have been telling me about the
solution by affirming me to resolve the problem with-in 48 hours but
Still there is no solution at all.I could attach the recording of
those care executives as well but its not good to show you what are
your weaknesses ,i am just looking for the proper solution from your
side.Because of the above mentioned problem i was not even able to pay
bill on time also unnecessary services are being activated by reliance
as well ,that cost me a lot as well.When i complained about it to the
customer care Executive they replied with the same assurance of 48
hours .But this is my final informal email to you if i wouldn’t get
any proper response from Reliance then i would be going to complain
about it in CONSUMER COURT

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