Company refusing to replace my vehicle with manufacture defect

Location/place: Kerala/Alleppy

Name of company/service: Mahindra & Mahindra

I bought a brand new Mahindra Scorpio EX model on 8th August 2011. From the next day I was getting issues on the vehicle. My vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of the road and doesn’t move an inch. Over three times I had to bring the vehicle home with help of other vehicles. Two times I reported the complaint to my dealer and they get it rectified. On 14th of this month I was traveling with my family and suddenly the vehicle stopped. We escaped from a major accident.
After buying a brand new Mahindra vehicle, I feel cheated by the company. I feel cheated as my expectations got thrashed and the company failed to deliver to normal expectations from such a prestigious brand. I have sustained mental harassment, financial losses and wastage of time. I feel like i have bought a second hand vehicle in pathetic condition. Now I want to get my vehicle replaced or money back with compensation for the mental torture I have gone through. I have decided to take the matter to consumer court if my vehicle is not replaced or refunded.
Details of the vehicle are given below :
Model : Mahindra Scorpio EX 2.5
Vehicle Reg Number : KL 31 C 8862
Engine Number : GMB4F10735
Chasis Number : MA1TA2GMKB2F51647
Date of purchase : 08th August 2011
Dealer : T V Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Pvt Ltd., Alleppy, Kerala
Customer Name : Mohan K
Contact number : 08722802623/ 09900600069

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