Company iss not giving my pending salary & pf

Location/place: meerut

Name of company/service: RGV TELECOM PVT LTD (bangalore & noida)986041218

I ankit jain joined this company in march 2008 till that time I am working as an tech support engineer at client site Askok Hotel,new delhi.Company is not giving my salary from October 2011 and keep my salary pending after 3-4 months client Ashok Hotel terminate the company tender due to some reasons and company give me the responsibility of their another client Hotel clarion but they still keep my salary pending.In march 2012,they only give me some stipend for convience and said that they soon transfer my salary for that I complaint many time by mail to account officer of the company and CEO of the company.In april hotel clarion also terminate their project and my senior said they should transfer me at some other client location.From that time they cant give me any salary and cant giving me any pf details and no one is responding me from last 2 months.My company CEO name is Mr.HL Nagaraja and his mob no is:09986041218

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