compalint against Maxx mobile for making customers fool

Location/place: Brij Nagar, R S Pura Jammu

Name of company/service: Maxx mobile

I have purchased a mobile of MAXX company from PAPPU ELECTRONICS Shalamar road worth rupees 1950 bearing IMEI number 358179044610392 on 24th May 2012 which become out of order after 15 to 20 days and when contacted retailer on 25th June 2012 he asked to show it to service center located at Chand Nagar below Gummat under the name SAWHNEY COMMUNICATION i asked them to replace it but they assured me to take it back after few hours and on the next day they asked me that there is a major fault on the mobile due to which they has to send it out of state for repairing and will give me after10 days.

I asked them to provide me alternate mobile for the mean time but they refused to give and till date they have not returned by mobile.

Even they did scuffle with me and abused me number of times. On the other hand the company head from Ludhiana also abused me any said that they will return my mobile accord to their will.

Kindly take a stern action against this defaulter company besides service centre to confer justice with me

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