comlain about sms service of aircel and airtel

Location/place: Banswara, rajsthan

Name of company/service: aircel and airtel both

Hello sir,
i have 1 aircel(8947057530 ) and 1 airtel(7568916360) sim.
and i hav activated free sms plan on aircel sim, one thing with mine tht my 70% known person hav airtel.
now the prblem is that from 9 november after 6 p.m. i am facing problem that, when i m sending sms to any airtel number msg is not deliverd yet and also i m unable to receive any msg frm any airtel number.
when i call to aircel they said that it is the problem of airtel network,
and whenevr i call to airtel they said tht it is the problem of aircel.
Who is responsible for this?
i have called too many times to both companies customer cares, but still problem not resolved.
plz this take a action to stop cheating with me.
thanx sir

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