Comaplint against VODAFONE for wrong Bill Generation and not clarifying the bill – 9999778882

Location/place: Ghaziabad

Name of company/service: Vodafone India


My name is Ranjit Singh.

This is regarding wrong bill generation and not clarifying

the bill and no response to my questions against my latest

Vodafone bill for my mobile number 9999778882.

After so many request and sending several mails to Vodafone

I have not received any reply or clarification yet.

What’s the problem?

1). Vodafone generated 4 GB internet data usage and a bill

of Rs. 5696/- in just 4 Days (15 – 18 June 2012 ) on my

mobile number 999977882.When i asked why you have not send

the alert of free data usage limit exceeding they replied

that there is a software and technical issue so they can not

send the alert this time.

2). I received a SMS on 18th June 2012 about exceeding my

credit limit. I immediately call the customer care to know

the reason they said that before bill generation the

internet data usage are charged @ 2 Paise per 10 KB so your

bill exceeds the credit limit but you don’t worry because

all your free data usage charges will be deducted after bill

generation. Then I asked him to tell me that if my free data

usage is consumed by me or not. He replied that you have not

consumed the free usage you don’y have to worry. Actually he

provided me the wrong information because the bill is

showing that the free usage exceeds on 16th June 2012.

3). Vodafone bill is showing up to 40 MB data download per

minute. I am continuously asking to provide me the website

or IP details from where i have download this much amount of

data and I also want to know the websites which provides

this speed of downloading because generally maximun websites

which has the movie or song type content restrict their user

to download with a certain speed limit. But as per my

vodafone bill I can download a 700 MB movie file in 15

minutes only. Can you believe it???

4). When I asked Vodafone that even if i assume that you

bill is correct then could you please tell me that why you

have provided me the extra credit when my credit limit is

only Rs. 1550/-. They have given no reply to me on this. If

a mobile operator works like this then what is is this

credit limit means or what should be the new definition of

credit limit.

My Questions?

1. Why Vodafone have not sent the SMS alert on exceeding the

free data usage limit.
2. Why provided the extra credit into my account?
3. If Vodafone have a problem in their software or any

technical issue then why should the end user suffer?
4.Why Vodafone is not providing the website address or IP

details from where this high data download happened?
5. Why Vodafone is not replying to my mails sent to the

nodal officer Delhi on 24th June, 26th June , 29th June and

10th July 2012.
6. When they already have the 5 GB data usage package under

Rs. 1000/- then after so many request why they are not

rectifying my bill and that too when they already accepted

in previous communications that there is a software /

technical issue they facing in providing the data usage

7. When asked Vodafone that is there any third party or

government body who monitor your software because if you

tried to cheat the customers then who will stop you. They

have not provided any reply.

What I expect from Vodafone?

1. Rectify my bill to Rs. 1000/- because it’s not my fault.

No body will use the 4GB data in Rs. 6000/- when he can use

the same data in Rs. 850-only. This happens because Vodafone

is also totally responsible.
2. There is an urgent requirement of change in Vodafone’s

billing system because failure of this will result in same

kind of billing problems in future also.
3. Every customer has the rights to know about their data

usage at any time and Vodafone must provide this information

to all their post paid users.

What I wrote above are true facts and I have all the

conversation recordings with me so I request Vodafone to

correct my bill on urgent basis because they have barred my

outgoing from 19th June 2012 and I am suffering a huge loss

due to this.

Please do the needful on Urgent Basis

Ranjit Singh

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