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Yes I am pretty sure about it . It is observed that if u complaint against the college to the college management the management will debar u from college .The main disadvantage is that they keep all ur original certificates in their custody and will be returned after graduation after being their phalthu Khutta.some GME candidates of their associate college MANGALORE MARINE COLLEGE complained to the DG and the punishment : certificates in the college custody and overtime even after graduation.Treated very badly .
Other problems:
No proper mess some bloody crap is given to eat //// insects in the food . stinking food in The CMC campus
Heavy ragging in the name of marine culture
Labs with stationary flaw parts
95% inexperienced faculty
2% faculty in Mangalore marine college
severe copying etc
0 tolerance towards other states students in cmc campus
heavy punishments
Bad english and hindi galis hurting sentiments of students
no marine facility
0% placement in the name of 100% PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE
ADVICE never take admission here
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