Club Mahindra fraud promises

We request the authority to look into the cheating and unfair business deal made by “Club Mahindra Holidays”.
June 2014, we received a call from club Mahindra holidays saying we had won a gift voucher which we shall receive after attending a short 40 mins. seminar conducted at their centre in R-city Mall, Ghatkopar. Hence, we reached their office at the suggested time, there on their executive noted down information regarding our identity and financial details.
Thereafter, came their Centre manager , Mr. Amar, started explaining about “club Mahindra properties and brands and it’s market value etc, gradually showing the Club Mahindra resorts, he started explaining how taking their membership for 25 years will be a highly profitable outcome for us.
Mr. Amar promised us that after taking membership plan we shall be able to cash our holidays at our own convenience, considering we have busy professional life and a young child with us.
As per explained various segregated membership options he suggested us to opt for “purple group” as per our financial status and needs.
When we asked him if we would be really able to opt for holidays as per our convenient time and chosen location, Mr. Amar promised us for the same, He well stated that even if our chosen time and location falls in some other group schedule, we can always get it booked just that a day from our holiday inventory will be deducted. He also stated that for long weekends and festive season we have to book in advance only then we can get the chosen location and date. We found it quite convincing.
after his repeated assurance while the amount to be paid was very hefty for us and not funny to just play around with, we agreed to take their membership paying 10k in advance and taking installments
Nearly after 2/3 months we tried to book our first holiday around keeping location choice Mumbai area, shockingly we realised that for the given period there was nothing available for “purple group” and all the dates of specifically located resorts were under another premium group. when we spoke to customer care they clearly said that they can allot us holiday only if there is a cancellation from the another member group ….We still tried to book holidays again but as per holiday chart for various membership groups we realised that our “purple group” was given no availability during weekends, and no public holidays. which wasn’t the right scenario shown by Mr. Amar.
Finally , after going through lot of stress and money loss we decided to return their membership but they denied to make any refund of our amount paid to them. We have paid them more than 2 Lacs.
It s huge amount of money earned by hard work, we request Consumer court authority to consider our matter , otherwise such big name brands will keep cheating innocent young people like us.
we shall be highly thankful to Law if we also get compensated by Club Mahindra Holidays on account of mental stress we have gone through.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma
[email protected]

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