Closing of my internet pack

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone/interenet service

I recharged internet pack of Rs95 on my phone on 3rd of june and vodafone closed it on 5th of june .My internet was not working the complete day and they said it is some technical problem from there side and it will be solved within 2 hours but it wasnt, i again called up after 4 hours ,they said the same and then i asked may be it is some network problem so what if you activate 3g on my phone and dey asked me to forward a message on 144 to activate it.
And today morning i called up six times again that my internet is again not working ,every employee there had different statements that” you havnt recharged any internet pack and after checking the recording oh yes you have recharged on 3rd but its not updated into our account ,we need to check” and after waiting for so long no results.
I told them i have used that internet pack for two days how come that worked if it was not updated.

The other Employee-I am not getting the problem i will just forward the call to technical department and after waiting for so long on hold ,the call disconnects.

The next Employee- All your usage mbs have been finished ,without any downloading how come all usage mbs can be finished and that too withing 2 days .The internet pack is of one month and unlimited usage.

Other Employee- CAN YOU FORWARD US THE MESSGAE YOU GOT FROM VODAFONE OF INTERNET DATA PACK RECHARGE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL as A PROOF TO FORWARD FURTHER.Even after knowing i have used the interent pack for 2 days the problem arised after that on 5th june and it was showing on there status too.

Next Employee- We will revert back to you in 6 hours discussing the problem and finding a solution to it, no call came and neigther any reverts
The next Employee- 3G service has been activated on your phone so your net pack has been cancelled so sorry we cant help you in this . I said it is your employees fault who gave me this message to forward on 144 to catch a network .
There reply to it- ” we will try taking action towards that employee for not giving you proper details of it but nothing can be done with your internet pack ,you cannot have it back and have to recharge it again.
They dont even know who that employee was who told me this and didnt even bothered to ask and simply said some action will be taken and nothing can be done to your problem now.

Thats how vodafone customer care handles consumers like us and make fool of us .i just know it is a loss of my Rs 95 and i am not getting back at any cost from them and they are least bothered even after making 10 calls to them in 2 days.
My Vodafone number is 9811670299.

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