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This is regarding the Claims for Maternal expenses, as given in the below mail chain, I have submitted all the required details in July’18 for the overall amount of 79200 INR and have submitted all the relevant documents with the bills even after 4 months of my request, it hasn’t moved a step ahead also.

Please find the details below on the Claim request & Medi Assist membership:

Claim No : 17514157
Media Assist Member Id : 5010596443

Here, Medi Assist person who came to verify the details in the hospital has incorrectly updated the records of Mother & Doctor name as given in the below email chain. Because of which I am unable to get the Claims till date.
Many times I have requested the Medi Assist team to approach the hospital again and get the verification done properly and update the records in correct way, so that I can request for the claim, but nothing is moving ahead, instead they are rudely behaving and confirming that, no one can help for further movement of the case ahead. As given below Kavitha holding mobile number (+91 7337873913) & Mani holding mobile number (+91 7337873913) , Vijay Kumar (+91 8897378682)
have been contacted numerous times, but they are not considering my request and are not of any help in moving the request ahead and they are saying to raise compliant with anyone and of no use, which is definitely wrong way of responding.

As given in the records your names published as the escalation point of contacts, that’s the reason, would like to request you to take stringent action on the Medi Assist team to get the records updated properly and move my claim request ahead, as its purely mistake done by Medi Assist team in interchanging the names of Patient and Doctor (which I came to know, when checked with Mani in my first call with him).

If the request is not moved ahead, will go for consumer forum and will publish all the details and raise a compliant on Medi Assist.

Please find below the names of Doctor & Patient:

Doctor Name: N.S.Rani
Patient Name: ASWANI

PFB details:
Claim No : 17514157
Dedicated id : [email protected]
Employee id: 645161
Contact no : +91 7893963526
Infosys, Pocharam,

Aswani + Baby =64000 (Date 11-07-2018 to 13-07-2018)
Baby =15200 (date 14-07-2018 to 16-07-2018)
Total Amount = 79200(INR)

Total amount is 79200(INR).

Can you please update your records as given above and let me know the status on the request as early as possible. It has already been delayed very long and would like to get this resolved at the earliest.

Let me know for any issues.

Telstra OMFUL – OMS
Level-2, B-6, SEZ-Hyderabad
Mobile: +91-7893963526

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