Claim Denied

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Max Bupa Health insurance


I am Shradha Talwar. This is related to Max bupa health insurance – My
Customer Id: 0000056896 and Policy number is 30048667201100. I hold a
gold policy. I was discovered to have fibroids on 1st Feb 2012 when I
visited the doctor & as advised by the Doctor underwent a surgery for
removal of fibroids. My claim has been denied on the ground that
material information was supressed, This is not true as I did not have
any disease which required disclosure at the time of taking up the
policy. Many women have heavy bleeding during their periods – This is
not a disease.

I requested them to reopen my Claim No. 8388. However, after this I am
not getting any respone on mail – when I called I was told claim is
denied. My claim is genuine and should not be denied. Request you
intervention and help.

My No. is 9811663528

Shradha Talwar

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