Citibank online system issue – customer acccount locked and 5 days no respite

Location/place: bangalore

Name of company/service: Citibank India

my citibank account is blocked becoz of correspondence not being changed but when i tried to do it the said account is not visible on edit contact list… when i contacted Citibank they said customer can only do it online. I seent all the details but 5 days there has been no solution. everytime they saw will resolve asap and call me back but no call backs done. I have set ECS through this account for my home loan and if it does not get through i will be charged interest by the other bank.. I want to lodge a case again citibank … i did send email to the CEO of citibank but no use same has his service no reply.. please find copy of that email…

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
CC: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: RE: ‘Citibank=017-461-655’ error while updating correspondence address
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 20:13:23 +0530

Resending with some addition which I missed out and it would be unfair… I have highlighted it below
Mr. CEO Citibank India,

I am really frustrated with your customer service and the way things are handled from front end till backend support.

1.THere is no cordination between the front end and back end support team…
2.Is there a genuine CRM used by agents to track customer infromation? Each time I punch in my card details I hear only one thing can you tell us what is the issue…. I have called in n number of time and each time a new agent picks the call and same story has to be repeated by me..
3.if there is a genuine CRM used by agents then why dont they track the case notes for this incident raised by the customer.
4.What is the SLA for email support is it 120hours? I have been in to service industry for 11+ years now and I have never seen any email support having 120 hours SLA…
5.If the Manager / supervisor on the floor assures the customer that the ticket has been escalated, is there an serverity marked to such incident? if yes then is there an SLA.. globally I know it is 4-8 hours not sure how Citibank treats esacalation..
6.each time I am told supervisor or concern person will call me before 6pm but every time I have called in – waited for more then 30-40 minute on my phone and forced the agent get someone..– as i type i am on call with your agent and it took 25 minute for him to connect me to the supervisor… but to my luck there is no one to pick up the call.
7.I have been using citibank since 2004 and am sorry to say I always praised Citibank services but i did not know if the customer is in trouble the kind of service he/she gets is so bad..
8.Improve your customer service management team, bring changes to process documents, train your agents to understand the importance of case notes in the CRM, if there is a QA team then you need to have a survey process in place to find customers pain and work on it….
I am writing to you with a hope that you will atleast read this email not sure if you will reply coz the response I am seeing (0%) your team I wont be surprised if there is no reply.

To sum it up I know the suffering will go on for many more days just because of my trust on Citibank….

Thanks for the WONDERFUL customer service support team of Citibank minus Sangeeta – not sure if she is a supervisor or manager – she was the only one to keep up to her words and called me as and when she assured even if she did not have a solution in hand or any update from the backend support team… hope others too learn from her on how to handle customer escalations and commitment on call backs…

Manoj Nair

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