Citi Bank Credit Card Application issue

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Citi Bank Credit Card service

Hello Sir,

This is in regards to my credit card application issue. Two months back i got a call from Citi Bank credit card advisor called Sweety, she offered me a visa credit card and said it has no joining or renewal fees. Later, upon searching the information on citi bank India, website, i found that this credit card has renewal charges, if you don’t spend 30k yearly. I bought this thing into advisor’s notice, when she called me again before sending the Citi bank document collector for credit card application. I told her not to cheat the customers by hiding the facts. She agreed and apologized for this inconvenience.
On 28/06/2011, document collector by name Aravinda Kumar V, from citibank, visited my place and I handed over my required documents, including my PAN card/ Passport xerox copy and salary slips after filling the application form (ref# 234200)for IOC credit card. I was informed that I will get the status update within a week or two. After waiting for more then 2-weeks, there was no any update. I informed about this to the same advisor, she told she’ll get back to me but there was no any response. I had called citibank regarding the same, they tried to check this information using my application ref#234200, my name and my date of birth but couldn’t find any information. Later I was advised to apply for credit card once again. On 20/08/2011, another document collector, BABU visited my place. I filled the application and handed over the documents except my salary slips, as i informed him that I’ll email the salary slips.
Advisor Ramya, advised me to send an soft copy of salary slips to email to email id: [email protected]’. she sent a sms regarding the same on 20/08/2011 from mobile no. 8050280675. I sent the email with my two months’ salary slips attached to the above email address on 22/08/2011 (PFA the same).Then on 23/08/2011 and 24/08/2011, I got calls from different advisors asking me to send the salary slips. I informed them to check the email inbox of email id ‘[email protected]’ and let me know if they have received the my mail or not. Then later, I was asked to re-send my salary slips to email id- ‘[email protected]’ and when asked about my previous email, there was no reply.
So, this a complete negligence from citi bank, which is not acceptable at all.

I want citi bank to return my missing documents submitted for application (ref# 234200) and also update me about the application(ref#234200).

And also an unconditional apology for this inconvenience and negligence.

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